Highest level of security available

SBS offers world-class security, full disaster recovery, and co-location in redundant enterprise-level data centers. Our infrastructure is under routine vulnerability testing against hacking or penetration attempts.

DIY Online Voting with myDirectVote

A proven election process

SBS has developed a sophisticated chain-of-custody for election mailings to ensure accuracy, from data receipt to assembly. Quality assurance processes include database confirmations, address proofing, written mail instructions, 2-D barcodes, and a camera system to match each inserted piece into an envelope. 


Secure encrytpion for web hosting

Millions of members served internationally each year

SBS conducts over 600 elections each year for organizations with anywhere from a handful to hundreds of thousands of members.

On-staff statistician and regular project workflow audit

SBS employs staff solely dedicated to measuring and improving the accuracy of our voting processes.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated manager for your project – from start to finish

Each project has a dedicated team led by a Client Service Representative with years of experience working one-on-one with our clients. They assist in keeping a project on schedule, provide flexibility when changes arise and make improvement recommendations. 

Every Voting Method is Covered

Our full-service offerings also include:

  • Central project management system to clock every phase of your project
  • Expert engineering customized to your organization’s needs
  • Detailed procedures that govern who has access to your data
  • In-depth reporting, both standard and custom
  • Customizable reminders, including mail, email and text options
  • Robust member support including live chat, email, and phone
  • Physical ballot security ensured by a securely locked vault