Maximize voting options for your members by offering electronic, phone, paper, onsite and hybrid election options.

Focus on improving voter turnout with customized participation plans including research-backed email reminders and social media sharing options.

Enhance the voter experience by sending your members one-click email links and the option to vote through your member’s online banking portal.

SBS provides complete security, including TLS-encrypted online voting, 24/7 monitoring, ongoing vulnerability assessments, and more.

During the complex process of credit union mergers, it is critical that your election partner executes the vote with precision and timeliness. A tested communications plan and get-out-the-vote efforts are crucial to the success of your credit union’s merger efforts.

When exploring a charter conversion, a membership vote is generally required. Proven communication and promotion plans help inform members about the process, which encourages higher voter participation.

Take advantage of advanced analytics, segmentation and surveys to provide deep insights into voting patterns and participation results. This allows credit unions to make more informed plans and increase voter turnout for future elections.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are designed to serve their members, not shareholders. It is this sense of ownership and community that drives consumers to choose credit unions over traditional banking institutions.

In fact, credit unions serve more than 115 million Americans, according to the Credit Union National Association. In order to protect and promote trust and transparency, it is vital that well-run elections, mergers, charter changes and conversions are a priority for credit unions.

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) offers numerous services specifically for credit unions – board of directors and supervisory committee elections, merger votes, charter conversion votes, voter participation efforts, virtual board meeting votes, communications and much more.

Regardless of the size of your budget, SBS can create solutions that help you increase voter participation and navigate through complex merger processes. 

  • When only incumbents appear on your ballots, members are less likely to vote. Making your nominations process more user-friendly and accessible with DirectNominations allows your members to more easily become candidates.
  • Allowing members to vote in elections anywhere, anytime, from any device with a secure online voting option also greatly increases voter participation rates.
  • When virtual meetings, or digital annual meetings, are a must, DirectVoteLive gives you the custom tools to make your virtual meeting official with secure, real-time, anonymous voting tools.

Credit Union Success Stories

Discover what our credit union partners have to say about their elections held in partnership with SBS.